Seven Seas Solitaire

Sail the seven seas and show off your solitary prowess!

Your fianc?e has vanished, and it appears that you are being set up for her abduction! You now have to search the seven seas as a retired navy officer in order to unravel the mystery and return her home. To get through the stages and collect the hints and resources you need to locate your beloved Elaine, match cards and shoot cannonballs. Do you possess the abilities and bravery to overcome the perils of the ocean and establish yourself as a legendary captain? Legends can be found all across the high seas: lost wealth, pirates, storms, and grotesque beasts. You were looking forward to a laid-back retirement and marriage to the stunning Elaine after a stellar career in the King's navy. till she vanished and you were held responsible. Right now, finding Elaine and bringing her home will be your last chance to recover this joyful existence by going back to the sea. As you take control of The Falcon and go over more than 300 levels, you can shoot cannonballs and match cards from three exquisite decks to immerse yourself in the experience. As you accumulate as much gold as you can by putting together legendary combos, you can use it to buy over 20 different improvements for your ship and island retreat. You'll also come across thrilling mini-games to put your ability and luck to the test and win prizes for your daring deeds along the route. Riding the waves is an exciting experience that never gets boring; as you sail and swashbuckle your way across the oceans, you'll find surprise after surprise and note them all in your captain's logbook. With its gripping plot twists and addictive solitaire action, this game will definitely leave you wanting to play through to the very end. Build your own hideout, play over 30 stages with over 300 levels, unlock all 13 awards, purchase over 20 power ups, play a ton of minigames, and enjoy an engrossing tale are just a few of the features.

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