The Adventures of Veronica Wright: The Lost Tomb

Aid Veronica Wright in locating the Missing Tomb!

Play a puzzle adventure game with three different match three game styles and difficult riddles to solve. In your search for the Lost Tomb, locate hints, gather objects, and put them to use. Theodore Wright's accounts of the old tombs have always captivated his great-granddaughter Veronica. She's arrived at the unidentified, enigmatic land that was formerly controlled by Emperor Markshnun, guided by the ancient maps discovered in his journals. According to legend, the emperor eventually found repose after the great battle in a secret tomb. a location that was lost and forgotten after being protected from invading parties for generations. Professor Wright came to this country in search of answers because he thought the tomb contained a supernatural force that was unfathomable to humankind. But he never came back. Join Veronica on this difficult quest to locate the Lost Tomb.





- Three different match-3 game types in one.
- Find clues and solve difficult puzzles.
- Collect items in your inventory to unlock puzzles and scenes.
- More than 100 levels set in a variety of breathtaking locations.

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