Bingo Battle: Conquest of Seven Kingdoms

To become the monarch of the seven kingdoms, you must win bingo battles!

The time has come for you to assert your claim to rule over the seven kingdoms. Play Bingo Battles against distant kingdoms' Kings and Queens. Defeat them in this chance game and record your victories by collecting artefacts. This classic game of chance is given a new twist with four magical spells that must be skillfully used to win. Jackpot patterns and spin-the-wheel tokens are available to help you out. Get ready for a fun-filled Bingo frenzy with two different game modes and numerous levels!





- Bingo game with two game modes
- Play with one or two cards against up to three opponents
- Collect jewels, treasures, lucky charms, and golden keys
- Many levels with the chance to replay to score additional bingo wins
- Magic spells such as freeze time, put opponent to sleep, lucky daub, and bingo complete give you an advantage
- Use luck tokens to spin the wheel and win free coins
- Get a jackpot pattern and win big bonuses.

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