Double Clue – Solitaire Stories

Unsolvable cases with a double clue can be solved by looking for clues and questioning suspects.

Nicholas McCullen, the business magnate, is deceased. Even though it appears to be a suicide, the mayor wants everything to be resolved, so work with the elite squad led by Detective Carrie Tucker to dig into this matter. Find the clues, question the suspects, and talk with the team about the case to determine the truth. Play the solitaire card mystery in three different difficult game modes to solve the crime and apprehend the culprit.





- Three difficult gameplay modes for solitaire;
- Investigate a murder mystery by revealing clues and questioning suspects;
- Create chain combos and clear cards to find the clues;
- Play the memory match minigame to question the suspects;
- More than 100 levels with unique layouts provide hours of gameplay.

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