Mahjong Masters – Temple of the Ten Gods

Gather materials and build the long-lost Temple of the Ten Gods.

Only supernatural intervention will be able to put an end to the battle between the Northern countries. It was the duty of the last living member of the Amathean priest line to build the Temple of the Ten Gods and call the gods. To gather the materials required to build the enormous temple complex, play a lot of Mahjong Solitaire boards. Summon the Gods by playing the Mahjong Number Sum minigame. In summaryIn summaryRestore the Temple of the Ten Gods to its pre-ceasing splendor!Functionalities:In summaryA Mahjong Solitaire game featuring many layoutsIn summaryEvery time, a fresh tile arrangementThe new Mahjong Number Sum mini game offers a another way to play the game.- Compile the materials needed to build the temple by matching pairs.- Magic eye power boosters and rechargeable hintsIn summary- The opportunity to rearrange tiles

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