Set sail and take possession of all those fabled riches!

Captain, hello! You're prepared to roam the seas, take on trade ships loaded with loot, and storm strongholds now that you have the Jolly Roger flapping in the wind over your ship. Set sail and take possession of all those fabled riches that are simply awaiting your discovery! You can personalize your ship, which is the pride and joy of any freebooter, in a variety of ways. Almost everything may be altered, including the ship's hull and figurehead as well as the color of your sails and flag. Of course, there is a plethora of weaponry available for use in any conflict, such as flame throwers, mortars, and cannons. Additionally, specialized tools are available to assist you in rigging the ship for any objective. Nevertheless, completing the multilayered legends missions is the only way to obtain the most expensive artefacts.





  • Hundreds of quests spread throughout three regions and dozens of islands!
  • Purchase ships, enhance your ships, adorn your ships!
  • Kraken's aquatic companions are eager to greet you!
  • Use ethereal crystals to deflect opposing projectiles, unleash meteorites on your adversary, or summon a massive octopus to come to your rescue!
  • Elevate your pirates to the level of skilled old salts from sailor boys!
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