Evy: Magic Spheres

Puzzle battles to help Evy rescue the Magic Kingdom!

When orphan Evy awakens, she discovers that an evil witch is threatening to destroy the kingdom of fair tales. Horrible monsters, including werewolves, evil rabbits, goblins, and much, much worse, roam the land beyond the witch. Evy must save the land with the aid of new friends and the power of her special spheres. To unleash her powers and vanquish the creatures in puzzle duels, she must match three or more spheres in chains that are constantly shifting. You really have to see Evy's world to believe it is so captivating and beautiful.





- Gorgeous artwork created by hand

- A magnificent realm of fairy tales

- Interesting plot with strange allies

- Requiring a system upgrade

- A wide selection of minigames spread over 61 stages

- Special "marble popper" duel system

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190 MB

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