Return to Mysterious Island

Unravel the enigma surrounding the mysterious island!

Mina is a brave young woman sailing solo around the world in Return to Mysterious Island. She becomes stuck on the shores of a strange, seemingly deserted island after being caught in a powerful storm. She discovers artifacts, dwellings, and technologies left by the people who came before her on this undiscovered island as she investigates her new surroundings. Mina starts over by using the remnants of Granite Rock to construct a house and applies her survival abilities to the wilds of the rainforest. Before long, she notices someone in the shadows who appears to be aware of her problems and offers to help. After some time, she recognizes this apparition as the unsettling ghost of Captain Nemo, whose body is hidden far below the island's surface in the Nautilus. In order to release his tortured soul, Mina must visit the Nautilus, retrieve his body, and bury him properly after piecing together the hints and clues he leaves behind.

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