Marble Duel

An original match-three, turn-based combat game featuring stunning graphics and an epic story

In a kingdom overrun by the ruthless witch and her henchmen, the magic duel is the means by which any disagreement is resolved. You will face challenges from every creature you come across, but the strength of spells will enable you to vanquish the opposition. You will become the most formidable magician ever if you can master and enhance the spheres' devastating power! This is no time to show mercy. It's time to drive out the wicked!





- A combination of match-three and turn-based battle game
- Hero leveling
- Spells upgrading from duel to duel
- Extraordinary characters


Note: This is a remastered edition of Evy: Magic Spheres, which now includes the following new features:
- HD resolution support
- Better graphics
- +75 new levels

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125 MB

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