Sophia’s Adevntures – Search For The Lost Relics

In a connect match-3 game, battle evildoers and work puzzles to locate missing relics.

An expensive antique map has been taken from the museum curator's office after it was broken into. It contains the locations of precious artefacts that must now be found. Join Sofia as she embarks on a quest to combat the legions of deadly monsters and terrible villains who have taken the relics. The quest doesn't end here; you still need to locate keys to unlock doors, find hints, and decipher codes to find the stolen antiquated riches. Create chains of three or more blocks to connect similar blocks to win the game. Your assault power against the fierce monsters obstructing your way increases with the length of the chains. Drop daggers to the bottom of the screen to use them against the villains. You'll be assisted in your search by power-ups including box bombers, line bursts, and color bombs. One of the features is a Match-3 connect-the-blocks game where players must battle monsters.





- Power-ups to improve gameplay, such as line bursts and color bombs. Mini-game puzzles to solve and hints to discover
- Difficult code-breaking puzzles to unlock the prizes that are locked.
- Fight the villains in the Drop the Daggers game mode.

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