Solitaire Blocks: Royal Rescue

Save the throne court!

A wicked force has captured the eight kingdoms of the realm, leaving them without any defense. To save the royal family, a young, valiant prince must navigate the game of solitaire blocks while their kings and queens are imprisoned. There are creatures to fight, locked doors to open, and fire blocks to destroy, so the task is not simple. You will be helped in this adventure by wizards, powerful swords, and shields. Gather fragments of historical relics and place them throughout the eight kingdoms to safeguard them against any upcoming evil.





-  A solitaire game with blocks stacked in various configurations
-  A fresh block arrangement each time
-  An intriguing spin on the solitaire gameplay

-  Engage in mini-battles

-  Power enhancers such as Jokers/wild cards, magic swords and shields, and wizards

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25 MB

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