Solitaire Adventures of Valentin the Valiant Viking

In Valentin the Valiant Viking's Solo Adventures, save Princess Estelle.

The Evil Wizard has taken Princess Estelle captive! The small Viking named Valentin embarks on a mission to save her. Valentin is a complete disappointment when it comes to using a weapon; in order to succeed in this duty, he should rely more on his intellect than his strength. Navigate through multiple levels of the solitaire card game and progress through the point-and-click puzzle journey. Join Valentin on an incredible adventure as he explores the Wizard's castle's incredible spots. Valentin's goal is to regain his self-esteem and demonstrate to his clan his superiority as a warrior. Take pleasure in traveling with him as he transforms into "Valentin, The Valiant Viking"! The game is a one-up, one-down solitaire game with a difficult point-and-click puzzle adventure. To go through the wizard's castle, you must create chain combos and clear cards.





- More than 100 solitaire levels with interesting layouts that provide hours of gameplay

- Cryptic hints and an in-game strategy guide to help win the scenes

- Charming paper cutout-style images to enhance the visual appeal of the game.
- Thrilling power-ups to aid in your victory.

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