Sailor’s Stories Solitaire

A nautical background for classic solitaire!
The Sailor's Tales Solitaire game

It is said that beyond the seven seas is a spring of youth. Drinking from this fountain will make a person eternally youthful and beautiful. Still, there are several risks along the way. This is the tale of three courageous sailors who decided to take on such a risky expedition: Captain Gibbs, his first mate Phil, and a cabin lad named Jackie. Finish 150 card designs that range in difficulty to help the sailors find the Fountain of Youth!





- Take pleasure in a narrative that narrates the quest for the fountain of youth!
- A variety of amazing backgrounds for atmospheric levels!
- Easy to understand and enjoyable gameplay!
- Make the most combinations possible to receive bonuses!
- A ton of extras and in-game assistance!
- 150 incredible card patterns!
- Push yourself when you get past challenges!

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