Pirates Adventure Solitaire

Creative gameplay with a mysterious plot!
In Pirates Adventure Solitaire, enlist in a pirate gang!

A group of courageous pirates and their fabled leader are eerily close to achieving unfathomable riches! But it's not easy to find treasure. Captain Inigo Martinez and his pirate group require aid. In their mission to find a wonderful treasure, our experienced sailors will encounter danger on the high seas, explore remote and enigmatic distant regions of the oceans, and much more. Remember: a pirate is never defeated! not from a fierce naval battle, a menacing monster, or a violent storm! Play 200 different solitaire games on the difficulty level of your choice. Come along with the pirates as they search for the legendary treasure!

- Follow the story of pirates looking for a valuable treasure!
- A unique form of solitaire including an engrossing tale!
- Easy to understand and fun to play!
- Make the strongest combo you can in order to win bonuses!
- In-game support and incentives to hasten your progress!
- Seek for the legendary wealth!200 fantastic and unique solitaire games!
- Create goals for yourself to get beyond obstacles!

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