Musical Mystery of the Tropical Island Solitaire

Assist Bob with unraveling the Tropical Island's musical enigma!

A while back, stadiums were packed out for Bob the Superstar's concerts! However, time does not stop for anyone. When Bob was no longer getting noticed on the streets, he decided to go looking for his lost inspiration. Finally, fate will bring him to a secluded tropical island. Bob never would have guessed that this remote island in the middle of the vast ocean would become his friend and introduce him to one of his biggest fans! To assist Bob in solving the musical riddle of the Tropical Island and reviving his lost inspiration, solve 200 distinct Solitaire puzzles! The text is bold.





- Adorable stitched pixel puzzle artwork.

- Interesting trivia queries.

- Lovely, calming acoustic music.

- Basic zoom and hinting features.

- 72 difficult puzzles!

- No levels are locked; play as you please!

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