Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2 CE

Enjoy Snowflakes and Solitaire!

The hectic holiday season is escaped, and immersion in Winterscapes Solitaire's tranquil, wintry landscapes is indulged in. Over a thousand cold levels are played through, and the icy tableaus are solved. New and classic solitaire games, like Mammoth, Lullaby, and Genghis Khan, are unlocked! Imaginary locales are constructed throughout the game, transporting players to a charming winter wonderland with captivating landscapes that change. Joyous adventures are embarked upon to gather unique winter ornaments to breathe life into the frozen landscapes and accentuate their splendor. Four different game modes are played: Standard, Challenging, Relaxed, and Timed. Game-changing power-ups are used in each mode. Regardless of the chosen method of play, players are prepared to be captivated by a calming festive soundtrack, engrossing winter imagery, and an immersive gaming experience. The year's most enjoyable Solitaire experience is not to be missed. With Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes 2, let the snowflakes direct your cards to success!




- Over a thousand levels!

- Six traditional solitaire games, such as Freecell, Spider, and Klondike.

- 18 more variations of Solitaire, such as Council or Somerset.

- 120 additional replayable Mahjong levels!

- Ten fantastical icy places to construct.

- Choose from four game modes: Timed, Relaxed, Hard, and Normal.

- Play match-2, supersize, challenge, and sliding bonus level.

- Complete quests.

- Select from a variety of card decks to play with.

- Unlock gorgeous desktop backgrounds.

- Savor a calming holiday soundtrack.

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