Chronicles of Albian 2: The Wizbury School of Magic

Rebuild the Wizbury School of Magic and search for the missing riches!

The Wizbury School of Magic has been burgled, and the criminal is on the loose. Now it's up to you to find the offender by following the hints. Gather objects from all across campus and sell them at the neighborhood store to restore Wizbury in time for the next Magician's Guild examination! Meet a wacky ensemble of wizards and witches, students and professors, ghosts and ghouls! Fully voiced characters from an award-winning ensemble will lure you into this delightful narrative. Upgrade every last aspect of Wizbury, from the drawbridge to the dirigible, over 80 unique upgrades! Explore the campus in search of hidden mysteries, and even give spellcasting a go! The all-new Seek & Sprint mode will challenge your wits long after completing the lengthy adventure. Additionally, the magnificent orchestral music will take you to the fantastical country of Albian. As you assist in saving the Wizbury School of Magic, you can win over 40 different trophies and play dozens of minigames!





- Take in the breathtaking Wizbury School of Magic.

- Secret items vary every time a scene is played.

-  More than 80 upgrading options!

- Get more than 40 different trophies!

- Meet a full ensemble of amusing characters, fully voiced!
- All-new unique Seek & Sprint mode
- Unlock 22 beautiful wallpapers for your desktop

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