Farmington Tales

In this exclusive Hidden Object Farming Sim mashup, harvest the ideal crop!

Greetings from Farmington! I hope you're prepared to work hard. In this exclusive Hidden Object Farming Sim mashup, grab that plough and let's begin farming! There is a problem at Dahlia Farms. Floyd's only chance to save the farm from bank repossession is to win the coveted Farmer of the Year award. It's time to construct the most amazing farm you've ever seen! Raise livestock, cultivate produce, and market your produce at your very own farmer's market! Look for misplaced riches in areas of the farm such as the pumpkin patch, hay barn, and even the cow stable. There are always new hidden objects, thus no two scenes are ever the same! Fulfill tasks for locals and socialize with an eccentric group of people. Get the shop's blueprints and construct upgrades like a windmill or a silo! Clear your fields, sow seeds, give them water, and fertilizer, and harvest the ideal produce. In addition, you can gather wool, milk, and eggs! As you assist Floyd and Dahlia in saving the farm, you can win over 45 different prizes and play dozens of minigames!

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