Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic

In this fascinating adventure, unravel a murder mystery on the iconic RMS Titanic!

Investigate a murder and plot aboard the RMS Titanic. On the fatal night of April 14, 1912, the body of humble coal tender Charles Taylor, a victim of heinous murder, was discovered deep beneath the bowels of the legendary ship. Captain Smith enlists the help of Professor Jakob Magnusson, a well-known Swedish scholar and former police officer, to conduct the inquiry. As the Professor pursues the killer's trail across the ship, a dark scheme emerges: the victim was no ordinary labourer, and his murder was only the beginning of a much more heinous crime. As you try to figure out who murdered Charles Taylor and why, you'll go from the ship's engine room to its finest cabins and lounges. As the clock approaches the Titanic's frigid rendezvous, you must seek clues, explore unusual locales, and solve puzzles in this gripping adventure to put together the evidence that uncovers the secret conspiracy linking the murder to the terrible fate of the fatal ship!

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