Go Team Investigates

To locate hints, play Solitaire and Mahjong.
Solve eight perplexing cases by connecting the clues.

The ‘GO team’ consists of Grandma Gertrude and ace reporter Owen. They enjoy solving crimes and are most effective when the police are stumped. Solitaire and Mahjong are two card games that you can play to obtain critical clues. That isn't enough…the clues are meaningless unless they are linked together. Do so in a hard puzzle game to uncover the truth and assist the police in catching the perpetrator. You can assist the GO team in investigating and solving eight different mystery crimes, ranging from murders to thievery.





- A solitaire card game and a mahjong match game in one.

- Choose any game to play and collect clues for the case

- Play the brain teaser problem to tie the clues together

- More than 150 levels with diverse layouts allowing hours of gameplay.

- Exciting power-ups to assist you in winning.

- Eight distinct difficult mysteries to solve

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