Endless Soul Light Solitaire

In Endless Soul Light Solitaire, assist your buddies in their quest for their soul mate.

The peaks of two rivers meet and entwine... All living things in the breathtaking region of Liveria, including stones, trees, rivers, winds, animals, birds, and other creatures, possess a glimmering light known as their soul. While some people keep it under wraps, others keep it public knowledge. Every soul has its color. Since they have a soulmate who shares their soul color, no one is ever alone. This story is about Phyro, a little moth who looks for her soul partner in every light she encounters but is never successful in doing so. Along the way, she meets a variety of odd animals that accompany her. These friends are about to embark on an amazing adventure together. Assist the Liverians in finding their missing souls by resolving 200 card patterns with differing levels of difficulty.





- A tale of soulmates discovered!

- Various atmospheric stages with amazing backdrops!

- Easily navigable and captivating gameplay!
- Create the largest combinations to receive bonuses!

- 200 amazing card patterns!

- Tons of bonuses and in-game aids!
- Push yourself as you go over challenges!

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