Avalon Legends Solitaire 3

Join forces with the Elves to defend Avalon's wilds!

Camelot is at peace, but danger lurks around every turn! It is time to form new alliances in order to counter any future threats. Can you, as the Royal Druid Mallard, negotiate an alliance between King Arthur and the Queen of the Elves to assure the mutual protection of Camelot and the wilds of Avalon?   The Druids of Avalon use magic cards to channel the energies of nature and weave tremendous spells of growth and healing. Their magic, however, has laws, and the cards must be arranged in the correct order by a careful hand in order to activate.   Because elves are famously difficult to locate, you'll need to encourage them to settle down in a fixed spot in order to maintain communication with Camelot. That entails constructing a city! It's a massive endeavour, but you have the power of the cards to help you.  Are you the hero that both Camelot and the Elves require? Then start rearranging! Avalon Solitaire 3 is both peaceful and demanding, with 250 levels, 32 power-ups, 39 structures to develop and reap the rewards from, as well as wild cards, jokers, hazards, and more, making it a must-play for solitaire aficionados!





- 250 levels of addicting solitaire!

- Create an Elves' City out of 39 buildings.

- Harness the power of 32 unique power-ups!

- High-resolution graphics immerse you in Avalon's mysteries.

- Two difficulty modes to fit your play style.

- Excellent characters and plot.

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