Amanda’s Magic Book 9: The Riftwalkers

Join Amanda and Charlie on a magical time-traveling journey in Amanda's Magic Book 9 - The Riftwalkers

Once again, Amanda and Charlie are invited to delve into the enigmatic pages of Amanda's magical book, embarking on an enchanting trip. In the ninth installment of this fantastical series, "The Riftwalkers," our brave team finds themselves transported to unimaginable worlds, where they will encounter obstacles that will test their cunning and bravery like never before. Portals to far-off realms await navigation as Amanda and Charlie embark on an incredible journey through time and space.

The secrets of the enchanted pocket watch and its intricate relationship to time itself will be revealed, alongside the unraveling of challenging riddles and the evasion of crafty opponents. As they travel through time, they will encounter great individuals from history and folklore, uncover stunning scenery, and unearth antiquated antiques.



  • Discover new worlds and unravel old secrets.
  • Work through difficult puzzles and overcome daunting challenges.
  • Meet legendary figures facing extraordinary obstacles.
  • Take in breathtaking scenery and unearth mysteries.
  • Delve into the mysteries surrounding the magical pocket watch.
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