The Chronicles of Noah’s Ark

Noah is given a duty that looks really hard!

God gives Noah an apparently insurmountable task: construct a massive ark to save human civilization and life before a flood wipes out the entire planet. It's an assignment he can't finish by himself. He is only able to carry out God's sacred mission with the support of his family. The road ahead is long and difficult, and at first, not even his own sons believe in or support him. How can he begin such a project in the desolate desert that he calls home? Where's the wood he'll need to build the ark? How is he going to collect enough food for the trip? Furthermore, how is it possible for one man to assemble creatures from every known species? But Noah doesn't waver. He sets out to accomplish the impossible, using his faith in God as his guide.
Please note: This game may not be supported on all Windows 10 devices at this time. Stay tuned for information about the release date of a compatible version.

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