The Trials of Olympus II: Wrath of the Gods

Assist Angelo with marrying his real love and carrying out the Grecian king's orders!

It took Angelo's tremendous efforts as a limited mortal to eventually carry out the Grecian king's decree and wed Princess Amara, his true love. Their joy was short-lived, nevertheless, as he had to confront the full fury of the greatest god of battle, Ares. Angelo is now the only one who can prevent complete destruction of his kingdom. Assist Angelo in his mission to save Princess Amara and build a kingdom with the most formidable defense ever seen on Earth! Discover the five fantastic locales ranging from the Vortex to the Olympian Sky Kingdom and vanquish fierce creatures ranging from Kronos to Kraken!





- 100 difficult match-3 levels!
- 32 upgrades to construct the world's most powerful fortress!
- 5 distinct and difficult worlds to explore!

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