The Trials of Olympus

Assist fallen god Angelo in proving to Olympus his value!

An epic trilogy about the story of Angelo, an Olympus god of great genius who was sent to Earth after falling in love with Princess Amara, a human lady. Exiled to the world of the living, Angelo needs to show the Grecian king how valuable he is by erecting the most magnificent palace in the murky, black wastelands that have never been seen before. Assist Angelo in gathering the materials required to construct his wondrous palace. To assist Angelo on his journey, explore the five stunning yet perilous corners of the kingdom.

Please note: This game may not be functional on all Windows 10 devices at this time. Stay tuned for information on the release date of a suitable version!





- An epic tale and ambience rooted in mythological characters and locales!
- 79 difficult match-3 stages!
- 20 upgrades will be made to create an amazing Olympian palace that has never been seen before!
- Five distinct and difficult realms to explore!

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