Alchemy Odyssey: Rise of Shadows

Embark on a magical journey in a fantastical land with Alchemy Odyssey: Rise of Shadows

Embark on an incredible adventure in a magical realm besieged by the evil forces of the Necromancer. Elara, Neria, Brogar, and their allies are accompanied as they confront their history and strive to unite the elemental realms. Various environments are traversed, ancestor ghosts are faced, and the secrets of enchanted forges are unveiled. Coalitions are formed with hobbits, orcs, dwarves, and elves to counter the mounting menace of the Necromancer. The intricate plot is absorbed as match-3 puzzles are tackled to uncover the depth of the storyline and the cause of the darkness.




- Elara's journey is followed via an engrossing story.

- A varied cast of characters is met, each possessing special talents.

- Problems are solved to obtain materials and unlock available improvements.

- Exquisitely designed levels

- Legendary enhancements are discovered and utilized across multiple chapters.

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