World Wonders: Hidden Secrets CE

Solve history's mysteries with hidden objects in World Wonders: Hidden Secrets CE

The intriguing hidden object game World Wonders: Hidden Secrets CE is played to unravel the mysteries of history. Breath-taking places like the pyramids in Egypt and the ancient temples in Cambodia are visited. Every level reveals a different period of history. This game offers a deep, immersive experience by deftly combining classic hidden object puzzles with a range of new challenges. Coins are gained to amass and exhibit historical relics, and Codex entries are opened to gain a deeper understanding of the background and culture of each civilization. World Wonders: Hidden Secrets is an exceptional fusion of learning and fun, ideal for individuals who enjoy riddles and historical mysteries.


  • Valuable antiques can be gathered!
  • Culture and history can be learned about!
  • Historical sites can be explored!
  • Other puzzles can be tried out!
  • Concealed objects can be revealed!
  • Images of significant locations can be brought back!
  • Every distinction can be discovered!
  • Damaged artefacts can be repaired!
  • The images can be colored!
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