Spooky Mahjong

Participate in a Spooky Mahjong competition to finish more than 100 distinct levels!

Play a game of Spooky Mahjong. To earn points and acquire experience, complete over 100 different stages with varying dynamics and levels of difficulty. Immerse yourself in the countless golden tiles! Ascend the ranks and go up the hierarchy of the game. The main character, a true Mahjong enthusiast, chooses to compete in a global Modern Mahjong Puzzle competition. There are multiple qualifying rounds for this tournament. You must reach a particular rank in order to participate in each round. Each level's goal is to clear the game board of all golden tiles. Mahjong World Contest features a plethora of these tiles, which enhances the entertainment value of the game and adds variation to the level design (e.g., levels with floating golden titles). Levels are balanced based on the number of suits: there are traditional layouts with all seven suits, as well as levels that can be finished more quickly because of the fewer suits.

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