Shadows: Price for Our Sins

Halloween night is when atonement for our transgressions and errors is made.

The game is set on the deserted Stone farm, where a few students have chosen to have a Halloween celebration. But as they get ready for the celebration, they stumble upon an antiquated relic that lets them enter the Underworld! The Stone family's kidnapped souls, which Lord of Darkness Samhain was holding, escape. Dylan, one of the kids, manages to escape the angered demon's grasp as he steals the students' souls as payback. Luckily for her, the freed spirits wish to exact revenge on the evil Samhain and assist her in freeing her comrades. Play now to discover the earthly sins that keep the abandoned ghosts on the old farm. All they ask is that she look into the horrific acts of the past and learn about the ancient origins of the artifact. Why are they unable to give it up on their own without your assistance? Will Dylan be able to save her boyfriend and friends? Above all, who on the property cursed by a witch enticed the students into the trap?





- Atmosphere: thrilling and magical
- 35 quest scenes
-18 HO scenes
-30 mini-games

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740 MB

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