Wilderness Mosaic 2

Wander around the scenery of Patagonia in Wilderness Mosaic 2: Patagonia.

Are you prepared for a new journey that will take place in Chile and Argentina, two far-off countries in South America? Accompany Claire on her quest to find tranquil settings as she acquaints you with various creatures, flora, and fascinating people she meets. Unwind to the soothing music while you find hidden pictures. You'll progress through nine chapters including various landscape backgrounds with 140 vibrant nonogram tasks. Only reasoning can be used to solve each level. Trace the lines on the paper to create amazing creatures. Play bright memory games for fun. On desolate roads and in peaceful gardens, look for distinctions. As Claire moves farther on the map, keep her company and introduce her to various hikers and bystanders from Patagonia.





- Navigate nine chapters of breathtaking scenery
- Play 140 thrilling mosaic levels and 12 Minigames
- Draw by following the lines
- Play a joyful memory game
- Find hidden pixel art images
- Collect stars
- Completely logic-based puzzles
- Identify differences

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