4 Seasons – Summer in Italy – Mosaic Edition

Prepare to travel through Italy.
Prepare for adventure and a fresh Summer Time experience.

This romantic Mosaic adventure game follows a young American journalist on her search for a strange companion through Italy. She enjoys the Italian summer, hoping to finally meet him. On her travels, she follows clues that lead her to several locations in sunny Italy. She learns about the rich Italian culture and enjoys delectable Italian cuisine. Learn about Italian culture by collecting various souvenirs and completing Minigames that teach you how to make pasta and pizza. Decorate a strawberry cake and a gelato glass cup with strawberries. Restore historic mosaics. Color masterpieces by Italian Renaissance major masters. Find herbs and spices buried in the grass. Choose your own level of difficulty, with or without a time constraint. In the Italian summer sun, play over 100 Mosaic levels and numerous Minigames throughout four chapters.





- Play 77 exciting mosaic levels, 19 Minigames, and 24 bonus levels

- Follow instructions to make pizza, pasta, and ice cream

- Enjoy a variety of puzzles in each chapter

- Choose one of three difficulty levels

- Collect Italian spice herbs

- Collect souvenirs

- Restore ancient mosaics

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