The New Chronicles of Noah’s Ark

Assist Noah in The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark to survive the flood

Noah is a kind, devout man who leads a peaceful life with his family. However, his life is irrevocably changed when he has a heavenly vision from God. God wants to purify the rest of the earth with a massive flood that will eliminate every evildoer who has wandered from the path of righteousness because it has grown so dark. The only people chosen to survive the deluge are Noah and his family. In order to save the animals and get them safely through the flood, God commands Noah to construct a large ark that can contain two of each animal species. It will be a huge task that doesn't seem feasible for one family to do. However, Noah is a man of great faith who accepts the word of God. He and his family begin the necessary preparations to build the ark before to the flood.





- The well-known narrative of Noah and the ark, is presented in a fresh way!
- To help Noah prepare and build his ark, players must solve match-3 puzzles to gather resources.
- As the game progresses across five chapters, players must complete 20 upgrades to build the ark.
- Take pleasure in this timeless tale brought to life and assist Noah in getting ready for the impending deluge.

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