The Enthralling Realms: The Fairy’s Quest

Accompany Ellia on her quest to locate Astral Crystal and preserve her companion.

Although Ellia has always had a lovely life in the tranquil fairy village, she is continuously exploring new places with the assistance of her best friend Timothy due to her unquenchable curiosity. When her careless investigation puts her in danger one day, Timothy risks his own life to save her. After discovering a mystery monolith with an inscription informing her that there is a method to save her companion, Ellia, who is terrified sad, and detested by the other fairies, discovers fresh hope. Finding the Astral Crystal, an antiquated relic, is all that is required of her. Ellia then embarks on a quest to locate the Astral Crystal to save Timothy. She promises that despite the risks and length of the voyage, she won't give up until he is safe once more. A witch by the name of Alice has arrived in the fairy hamlet in the meantime because a prophecy indicates that an old evil is going to reawaken.





- A prequel story to the Enthralling Realms series, showing how Alice and Ellia first crossed paths
- A thrilling tale of adventure and friendship, told across five chapters and twenty upgrades as Ellia travels far from home
- Difficult match 3 puzzles to solve as you help Ellia on her journey
- Meeting new enemies and friends while discovering the truth about how Ellia teamed up with Alice to battle an ancient evil

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