The Enthralling Realms: The Blacksmith’s Revenge

Create a Weapon of Legend!

Ara has spent years honing her skills to become a master blacksmith like her father, who works tirelessly for the small community in which they reside. But when the ferocious dragon Eondrir emerges and decimates their house, their tranquil lives come to an end. As he expires, Ara's father gives her instructions to locate his former comrade and create the fabled weapon capable of taking down Eondrir. Ara thus departs to exact revenge on her village. However, Eondrir's army is powerful, and crafting the fabled weapon is no simple feat. In their battle to expel the terrifying armies who have taken over the region, Ara and her comrades will encounter adversaries at every turn. Will Ara be able to fight Eondrir with the legendary weapon before the dragon annihilates them all?





- A tale of a blacksmith seeking vengeance and the people she encounters along the way
- 20 upgrades to purchase in order to defeat the forces of evil
- Five sites to explore and fortify
- Exciting puzzles to solve in order to gather materials

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