The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus

Play a thrilling and epic match-3 game!
In Moses's Chronicles and the Exodus

The Chronicles of Moses and the Exodus tells the timeless tale of Moses and his journey to bring his people freedom. Moses believes his days in Egypt are over when he leaves after turning against the Pharaoh, but little does he know that God has big plans for him. Moses is now living the life of a shepherd, far from the life he knew in Egypt. Then God gives him a mission that seems insurmountable: go back to Egypt, save the Israelites from slavery, and guide them securely to the Promised Land. How can one man defeat Pharaoh? How is he going to set the slaves free and find them a new home? If Moses is to succeed, he will require a great deal of confidence, trust, and perseverance. Interesting match-3 puzzles are one of the features! Experience the beloved narrative of Moses and the Exodus in this engaging five-chapter story including twenty thrilling sequences and delightful original music.

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