The Chronicles of King Arthur: Ep.1 – Excalibur

Take part in Arthur's uprising against the phony monarch!
Discover his daring and inspirational tales!

King Uther Pendragon ruled in peace for many years. Now that he has been betrayed, a usurper has usurped his reign and is using his sinister plot to intimidate and enslave the people of the realm. Nobody is able to oppose him. Since only he is aware of Uther's secret that the Pendragon line continues through an illegitimate child raised in the countryside the wizard Merlin departs from the castle. They might yet have a chance if Merlin manages to locate him. Additionally, a young man by the name of Arthur has started a rebellion against the phoney king in a distant town from the castle.





- A traditional King Arthur narrative with subtleties
- Difficult match-3 levels
- Follow Arthur's story throughout five chapters
- Twenty thrilling scenes
- Original epic music

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