Tasty Jigsaw Happy Hour 3

What will you consume?
Savor treats during Tasty Jigsaw Happy Hour #3.

What will you consume? You can enjoy delectable pastries and fine ice cream, hearty breakfasts and juicy burgers, dinner parties and romantic evenings. You don't have to wash your hands before the game! You may customize the game's difficulty level, get a ton of helpful hints for creating puzzles, save your progress, and pick up where you left off at any time. Puzzle game fans of all skill levels will enjoy this one.




- 500 high-quality images
- Advanced game mode: simple suggestions, sorting, and the magnifier
- You can play for as long as you want with different difficulty levels for each problem
- You can turn off the puzzle piece rotation mode
- You can save and resume a puzzle at any time
- New game in the series
- Special tasks and colorful awards for thrill-seekers

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