Jigsaw Boom 2

In the puzzle game Jigsaw Boom 2, players put pictures together by dragging and dropping pieces.

Jigsaw Boom 2 offers even more jigsaw puzzle fun! Choose from a selection of vivid, high-resolution images to assemble from sections divided into parts based on the complexity (you can alter the number of parts from 12 to 850!) that you've selected. In addition to choosing your own degree of difficulty, there are many other scenes available to fit your desired mood and atmosphere. Even though the degree of difficulty you've chosen is everything, you'll find the game experience to be easy with just a little drag and drop of the pieces! Pieces of the puzzle can be turned and placed in a designated pocket. It is preferable to use a special magnifying lens to examine small bits.





- Unique, high-quality photos
- Customized piece styles with rotation
- Calm, ambient noises!
- Endless gameplay!
- Save your progress at any time!

- Fantastic artistic style!
- Control the game's difficulty optionally!

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