Tales of Lagoona 3: Frauds, Forgeries, and Fishsticks

Go back to Poseidon Park and go on a brand-new journey!

Poseidon Park is in serious peril again since the most recent restorations went terribly wrong. Since Mayor Finn has vanished, Leona and Theo are fighting to keep the park safe from Mayor Peabody's cunning schemes! Become a part of an eccentric group of people who are banding together to rescue Poseidon Park. Accept missions from the locals, go through over 250 puzzles in the recently added arcade, explore fresh clutter sceneries, and accomplish hundreds of milestones, trophies, extra objectives, and more! To join the new arcade and earn gold to renovate Poseidon Park, gather tokens across the park. Discover undiscovered treasures, sift through the park's debris, and select among hundreds of park enhancements! Awaiting you on this underwater adventure is your voyage!





- Beautiful High Definition Images!
- More than 250 puzzles with a unique HO system that features five distinct types of clues for every level!
- More than 200 possibilities for park upgrades
- More than 100 unlocked trophies, achievements, and bonus objectives!
- There are numerous tasks to finish!

- A cast of eccentric characters with full voices is available for download, together with the soundtrack and screensaver!

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240 MB

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