Tales of Lagoona 2: Peril at Posidon Park

Go back to Lagoona's underwater realm to prevent Poseidon Park from closing!

Welcome back to Lagoona's underwater realm! Poseidon Park faces difficulties. Leona is fighting desperately to keep her grandparents' park intact, but Mayor Peabody has closed it until renovations are completed. Accompany a diverse group of individuals as you collaborate to preserve Poseidon Park. Answer questions from the locals, work through more than 160 riddles, tend to the sea ponies who live in the park, and even unlock more than 60 trophies! Poseidon Park offers a plethora of activities. Gather goods to sell in the neighbourhood market and use the more than 150 upgrade options to completely renovate the park! Discover hidden treasures, accomplish extra objectives, and work your way through hundreds of mind-bending puzzles.





- Stunning HD visuals
- 160 puzzles -Unique hidden object system with five different types of items in every level
- Over 150 park upgrade options
- Downloadable wallpapers, soundtrack, and screensaver

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300 MB

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