Stan’s Magic Museum: Olympian Trouble

Help Stan get the missing treasures back before the museum opens to the public.

Stan is an ordinary man who works as a guard at the nearby museum late at night. Even though his job can be boring at times, he finds ways to pass the time. One day out from the museum's official opening, he still has no expectations of anything happening. He destroys an odd tablet that is on display at the museum, and everything is pulled through an enigmatic gateway. This is a catastrophe, particularly in light of the approaching grand opening... and he is aware of who will be held responsible. If he wants the artifacts from the museum returned, he will have to deal with the gods.





- A humorous, lighthearted tale of a contemporary museum guard
- Engaging match-3 games that challenge your abilities
- 20 upgrades as you find each artifact
- Assist Stan in returning the missing artifacts to the museum
- Five chapters chronicle Stan's journey through the world of Greek mythology

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