Solitaire Detective 2 – Accidental Witness

Solve the mystery of the Accidental Witness with Elizabeth in Solitaire Detective 2 - Accidental Witness

Two individuals with weapons in their hands and masks stormed out of the jewelry store on the very day Elizabeth was planning to capture some pictures for her social media blog! They cast a fleeting glance at Elizabeth before vanishing through an open minivan door. The automobile with the armed people disappeared as fast as it had appeared, and the motor howled. The automobile vanished in a matter of seconds. The only thing remaining to serve as a recollection of the event was the alarm's tone. also a couple of pictures Elizabeth had managed to snap. Elizabeth, who unintentionally became a witness to a heist, said, But...the robbers saw me, that's for sure. I need to get out of here right now! Events had only begun to take shape at the time... Who will the thieves choose as their next victim? Will someone ultimately find them? Where will our heroine end up with her unwavering willingness to help with the police investigation? Come learn the answers to all these questions with Elizabeth!



  • Captivating solitaire gaming
  • Simple to learn and play
  • Discover numerous stunning locales
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