Rainbow Mosaics 11: Helper’s Valentine

Help the robot helper meet his sweetie by solving nonograms!

Greetings, dear friends! Once more, the Amazing Robot Helper is in our sights! We last saw him a while back when the Helper fled on his way back to the Diagnostic Research Center. The Helper was last seen in the Recycling Center a short while ago. Robots that are broken or outdated are crushed there. Whoa, hold on! Then, in front of us, the Helper abducted a broken robot girl. However, why? If the Helper were human, we may assume that our hero was going to fix the robot because he liked it. The Helper isn't human, though! He doesn't have any room for emotion because his behaviours are dictated by computer algorithms! On paper. In any case, stick around and we'll find out what happens.





- Stunning mosaics of up to 6 colours
- Entertaining gameplay on 120 distinct levels
- A logic-based game
- A number of customizable power-ups that will assist you throughout the game
- Vibrantly coloured themed backgrounds

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