Rainbow Mosaics 13: Detective Helper

Resolve nonograms to assist Helper the Robot in apprehending the offender!

Greetings, dear friends! Helper the Robot from the Helper's Agency of Highly Assistance, or H.A.H.A. for short, has completed his task for his first client successfully this time. Nevertheless, Helper suffered from his ignorance. Since the customer looked like a shoplifter, the Robot is now thought to have been involved in the theft! Although we firmly believe that Helper is innocent, the police are utterly unaware of the circumstances that are going on behind closed doors. The assistant will be apprehended shortly. Unless he decides to do something to be saved. You'll find out how this narrative progresses by tuning in!





- Excellent nonogram puzzles based on logic

- Mini-puzzles and hidden object sequences

- A large selection of tile skins

- A range of upgradeable power-ups that will assist you during the game

- Colorful themed backgrounds are just a few of the features.

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