Mysteries of Neverville – The Runestone of Light

Restoring the Neverville runestone will help protect your community from the evil necromancer Grimhall.

The village of Neverville has been shielded for thousands of years by a runestone of light, but it is gone. People inside the town are encircled by a malevolent fog because there is nothing to defend them. As the daughter of Neverville's finest protector, Cygnus Rastlin, you must return to the town to halt the growth of evil. Uncover who's hiding in the mist! Is it the infamous necromancer Grimhall, whom Cugnus Rastlin himself once arrested and buried behind a stone chamber? Who is responsible for the runestone's disappearance? By placing the runestone back where it belongs, will you be able to spare the helpless citizens of Neverville from their terrible fate?





-A mystical, all-encompassing atmosphere

-Complex plot with a wide cast of characters

-Enjoy carnivals, jungles, and cemeteries during your incredible voyage.

- Play original puzzle games and find novel approaches to overcoming obstacles

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