Greed: The Mad Scientist

Sara uncovers the horrific events of her own history as she seeks to find a treatment for her dying brother.

Dr. Ralph Goodwin, a world-renowned scientist, promises to unveil a miracle medicine capable of curing nearly all ailments. A mysterious explosion ruins his research laboratory just one day before his news appearance. With the lab destroyed, the treatment appears to be lost for good. You must investigate the crime with the assistance of a young girl named Sara. She is yearning for the miracle treatment, which is her dying brother's only hope. Sara discovers the horrible events of her own past as she goes through the lab. Will you ever locate the cure among insane scientists and vicious assassins?





- An immersive sci-fi atmosphere

- An elaborate tale with many twists

- Case file that contains any evidence you collect

- Unique mini-games

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800 MB

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