Greed: Old Enemies Returning

The ancient foes have resurfaced to take the miraculous remedy.

Sara, Dr. Goodwin's daughter, reaches you once more with dreadful news. Her father's miraculous cure is under threat once more. It appears that Dr. Goodwin's old foes have returned to Pontoon Laboratories, and this time they are willing to kill to obtain the miracle cure that lies behind the walls of the now-vacant laboratory. You must investigate the legends of mysterious energy beings that are claimed to haunt Pontoon Laboratories with the assistance of Sara. This perilous voyage will take you into the ghostly deserted hallways of a formerly bustling medical lab, where you will encounter paranormal energy beings and people willing to kill you on sight! Will you be successful in saving the miracle cure? Will you eventually apprehend those who shattered Dr. Goodwin's vision of a better world?





- a gloomy sci-fi atmosphere

- a plethora of unusual and intriguing puzzles

- a finale to the story begun in Greed: The Mad Scientist

- wallpapers, concept art, and audio tracks as extras

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