Murder by Moonlight: Call of the Wolf

Help Carol locate her spouse by deciphering a sinister mystery!
When Murder by Moonlight: Wolf Call

Carol has tied the knot with Jake and is eager to start a beautiful life together. But one day, while at the neighborhood gas station, Jake vanishes. Carol has grounds to suspect foul play as she follows his trail. She is forced to take matters into her own hands after the police decline to look into the situation. As she looks for her missing husband, she finds evidence of a sinister mystery involving a beast that isn't supposed to exist.





- Five chapters tell the story of a dark mystery concerning a woman's hunt for her missing husband.

- There are supernatural undertones to this murder thriller, as there are stories of a werewolf being active.

- Play thrilling hidden object and match-3 puzzle games that put your skills to the test.

- To uncover the truth, look for hints, gather proof, and speak with witnesses as you gain additional upgrades.

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