MatchVentures 2

Discover the mysteries of Cliffmont Castle in this captivating match-3 adventure!

Discover the mysteries of Cliffmont Castle through this captivating match-3 adventure! On your journey through the vast dungeons, explore expansive levels, gather priceless treasures, and solve challenging puzzles. But take caution the evil Dragon Master Dragor and his horde have returned to Crimson Valley. Battle foes, investigate enigmatic passageways, and construct strongholds with Finley the Leprechaun's assistance to keep the kingdom safe from the evil invasion.





- Explore vast levels.
- Play in limited or relaxed mode at your own speed! Construct two imposing fortresses. Several trophies are to be attained.
- Gather an abundance of priceless gems. Superb soundtrack with orchestration.

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